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Alternative Materials for
a New Earth

We are, quite rightly, addicted to plastic. It is unlike any other material in terms of convenience. But this cannot continue, can it? Plastic pollution is the leading cause of land pollution, water pollution, climate change, disease transmission, and other problems.

Conscious Companies need Sustainable Solutions

There are only two solutions to the problem of single-use plastic pollution

Introducing a bioplastic that behaves and feels like plastic, provides the same convenience, is inexpensive, and composts in marine and soil environments.

Recycling both existing and future plastic waste into materials that will not be dumped immediately and can be used for decades.

We have developed carbon-neutral solutions for both of these problems.


India’s first 100% compostable biopolymer pellets

Same Generational Waste 
New Generation of Polymers

Using sophisticated technology, we developed NovoPolymer from industrial waste that is generated in abundance around the world every year.

Problems with Current Bioplastics

Bioplastics are Expensive

Most brands would like to be more environmentally sustainable, but it is simply not economically sustainable. But that is not the case with NovoPolymer. Our materials are not just cost competitive with normal plastics, but they also work well with most existing injection moulding and blown film extrusion equipment.

Bioplastics  don't Perform well

Perhaps this was once correct. But, NovoPolymer develops biopolymers that can be as stiff or flexible as conventional plastics, tolerate equal if not larger temperature variations, withstand the environment, and even remain durable until composted. Sustainability does not have to entail a decline in performance. 



100% compostable materials
following the guidelines
mentioned in EN13432
and ISO17088:2012


The existing plastic processing industry can simply adapt NovoPolymer in their conventional machineries


The technology is indigenous and the pellets could be used to produce various compostable products around the world


NovoPolymer is a sustainable plastic substitute and the cost can be compared with the conventional plastic pellets


Film Packaging
Paper Coating
Rigid Packaging

For every 100 MT NovoPolymers

Clear 100 MT Feather Waste

Save 180 MT carbon emmision

Save 2300 m3 Landfill Space

This covers the first problem, that is creating an alternative to single-use plastic.

Now before coming to the second solution, you need to understand things about recycling.

Plastics that can be recycled


Plastics that cannot be recycled

PVC or V

MLP or multi-layered plastic is used in everyday materials like sachets and wrappers. Because of the benefits it provides it is impossible to impose a ban on MLP and because of its multi-layers it is considered non-recyclable.


100% recyclable board made from non-recyclable plastic waste.

From legacy waste to building materials

We use the plastic waste that cannot be recycled to build boards that will be in the ecosystem for decades.

India is facing a big problem in small packets

Single-use plastics are an increasing concern in India, but sachets—small, sealed packaging—are especially concerning. Sachets account for an estimated 50% of the residual plastic waste stream and have been accumulating in the environment, defiling the landscape, clogging waterways, harming wildlife, and endangering livelihoods.

Deforestation will lead us to devastation

Wood, just like ancient times, continues to play an important role in modern life. It is used to manufacture a wide range of wood-based boards and panels for construction and furniture. However, wood consumption is a major cause of deforestation, resulting in problems such as climate change, habitat and biodiversity loss, and soil erosion.


Eco Friendly

NovoBoards are 100% recyclable and made from Multi Layered Plastic waste which is non-recyclable and bound to ruin our landfills and oceans

Low Maintenance

NovoBoards is made in a way that the products made from them are water proof, rust proof, termite proof, fungal proof and fire retardant

The excellent hardness and flexibility makes these boards extremely durable. NovoBoards are also fire retardant, UV proof and splinter free
Made in India

Proudly made in India for the world, leaving no trace for unnecessary transit while simultaneously addressing the issue of plastic waste where it is most needed



For every 100 NovoBoards

Save 20 MT Carbon Emission

Clear 5 MT Plastic Waste

Save 4 Trees

    1. Non-recyclable plastic waste is sourced through companies, landfills, and government agencies. Furthermore, we provide people with the chance to help the cause by sending waste to our facility and establishing drop off places for them.
    2. Using our categorization process, we distinguish usable material from non-usable material at our facility. We return the material that we are unable to use to the supply chain to which it belongs.
    3. Occasionally we get clean waste, and sometimes we get dirty waste with grease and dirt. We wash the material at our facilities to remove any potentially harmful contaminants, ensuring that the panels that emerge are completely clean.
    4. We shred the plastic waste into the appropriate sizes once it has been cleaned and dried, and it becomes the key product of our entire operation.
    5. This is where the magic actually happens. We take non-recyclable plastic waste and recycle it into 100 percent recyclable building materials here. The developed solutions are now ready to transform the environment.
    6. NovoBuild creates products that can be utilised to create a variety of end-products in the construction, furniture, interior, and packaging sectors.
    7. As we grow, our products will have a positive impact on people all around the world. By removing non-recyclable plastic waste and preventing deforestation.
    8. Customers can return the boards to us at the end of their life cycle, and because they are 100 percent recyclable, we can reuse them into new boards.

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NovoEarth is a deep-tech impact venture that generates game-changing technologies to provide industry leaders an opportunity to give back to the planet. We apply our expertise in biotechnology, recycling, and waste management to offer unprecedented value to the eco-system.

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Plastic is one of the greatest innovations of the previous century, but plastic waste is a modern-day catastrophe. We are working to eliminate single-use plastic waste with novel technologies that are scalable around the globe to satisfy rising consumer awareness and stringent government policies to protect the environment.

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